Agreement with
Ministry of Ecological Transition

In 2009 we signed the first voluntary agreement with the Ministry of Environment.

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Responsible action

We were the first Italian company in the mineral water and soft drinks industry to launch a project to analyse, reduce and neutralise the impact of the San Benedetto range of water on the climate.

Four fundamental points of the agreement

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1. Continued analysis and accounting of CO₂ emissions (carbon footprint) resulting from the production of mineral water and soft drinks, replicating and contextualising the methodology used and promoting appropriate reduction and neutralisation activities.

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2. Annual accounting and monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions for the entire organisation, identifying areas of intervention to optimise processes with a view to the continuous improvement of environmental performance.

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3. Development of useful elements, based on the eco-design and eco-efficiency model developed by Acqua Minerale San Benedetto S.p.A. and applied to the design of its products and processes, to identify objective reference criteria and parameters to quantify improvements in environmental performance and contribute to defining potential Circular Economy strategies for the sector, taking the new EU Directive 2019/904 into particular consideration.

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4. Active participation in national and international eco-sustainability working groups to share company know-how and make a significant contribution to new developments in the field.

SAN BENEDETTO is Sustainability

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Environmental sustainability

Choose Ecogreen and protect nature with us.

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