Our social commitment

We have a great responsibility towards all the people who are part of the big San Benedetto family.

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A sustainable lifestyle

We care about the quality of life of our workers and consumers who have chosen to share the values of San Benedetto. We promote projects with schools, foster individual study programmes and sponsor sports events and professional clubs.

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A great responsibility towards those who choose us and towards the children who deserve all best effort.

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We promote training in every area that is professionally useful. We organize managerial, administrative and technical courses.

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Schools and Universities

We cooperate with organizations and schools in order to activate opportunities within the world of education and to enhance individual study programs.

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Sport & Fun

San Benedetto has always been synonymous with wellbeing, and we support the culture of a healthy lifestyle, values that are the basis of every sporting discipline.



Schools and universities

Sport & Fun

Social responsibility: education in best practices.

We are committed to spreading a best practice approach: from advice on conservation, to maximum transparency on labels, to raising awareness of environmental sustainability.
Innovation and research enable us to meet the needs of children and their parents, not only in terms of ingredients, but also in terms of packaging: we have dedicated the San Benedetto Baby range to them, bottled in a protected environment, with no colourants, preservatives or gluten.
The design of the 0.25L bottles has been created especially for children, with the Pull&Push cap, which is safe and functional, as well as fun.

The world of San Benedetto from the inside

We promote the training of our workers in professionally useful areas. In addition to legally compulsory courses, we organise managerial, administrative and technical courses.
We provide an average of over 20 hours of training per employee per year and an annual budget to support study expenses. We also train the employees of third-party companies that cooperate with us in the areas of quality and safety. 
Panorama magazine in 2018 placed San Benedetto in 5th place* in the ranking of Food Companies where you work best in Italy.
*research conducted by the Statistical Research Institute

The value of young talents

We look at the future and the new generations, implementing training projects with the aim of transferring skills to young people and intercepting new talents.
Before the pandemic, we launched a project called Progetto Vivaio, which every year gives high school students the opportunity to do an internship and job shadowing aimed at long-term inclusion.
We are also engaged in a talent attraction project dedicated to the engineering and technological sector in order to promote an important part of our company (design and development of know-how in terms of designing new containers, new materials , new systems and new caps). We have started a collaboration with local universities to raise awareness of the great engineering work that hides behind the bottle and to start scholarship and internship programs aimed at a career in San Benedetto.
It is always a great satisfaction to see young talents grow and develop their skills within our reality.

Healthy and active

We have always been committed to spreading and supporting a culture of wellbeing as a way of life, based on the founding values of every sporting discipline, which are reflected in our philosophy: keeping fit and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

Suitable for feeding infants


Suitable for feeding infants

San Benedetto mineral waters: Benedicta, Pollino Source, Primavera Source, Pura di Roccia and Antica Fonte della Salute can be used for the preparaing of infant formula.

Quality guarantee


Quality guarantee

San Benedetto mineral waters are protected at source and their purity is certified by daily checks from the source to the finished product.

Your daily requirements


Your daily requirements


• females 2 L / day

• males 2.5 L / day

PREGNANT 2.3 L / day, BREASTFEEDING 2.7 L / day)

These values ​​are indicative; in conditions of hot climates and intense physical activity, or other conditions that induce dehydration, the levels of water to be taken can vary significantly.
*source: European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Do you know how to read the label?


Do you know how to read the label?

The nitrate content is a very important parameter to consider, especially when feeding infants and children. The hardness of a mineral water provides an estimate of the presence of calcium and magnesium. The pH provides a reference related to the acidity of the water. pH is measured on a scale with runs from 0 (maximum acidity) to 14 (maximum alkalinity). Lastly, the term fixed residue indicates their content in mineral salts and trace elements, which are essential micronutrients for our bodies. They intervene in the regulation of numerous bodily processes, such as hydro-saline balance and the development and growth of organs and tissues.

How to store the bottles


How to store the bottles

The bottles should be kept away sunlight and heat sources. The best place to store water is in a cool, dry place with no odour. Plastic water bottles, once opened, should always be resealed to avoid contamination of any kind. This is why it is a good idea to store packs of mineral water in suitable spaces, preferring a dark room that is not subject to changes in temperature. It is best to avoid storing them in garages or in places where they may come into contact with detergents.

Does mineral water smell?


Does mineral water smell?

It is naturally odourless but, in very rare cases, episodes of water “with organoleptic variations” can be found. These are triggered by natural components of the water (natural bacterial flora), the causes of which can be linked to product conservation during storage, transport and even consumption. The installations where the water is collected and bottled are designed, built, tested and controlled in compliance with the most stringent quality standards imposed by law and adopted by the San Benedetto Group.

SAN BENEDETTO is Sustainability

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Environmental sustainability

Choose Ecogreen and protect nature with us.

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