San benedetto, Energy, visore


San Benedetto has put the charge in his new drinks! Our first Energy Drinks give that energy boost useful with everyday "extreme sports".


San Benedetto Super Boost - 0,33L

San Benedetto | Energy drinks

San Benedetto Super Boost

The energy drink that gives you the necessary boost with its "strong energy" of taurine, caffeine and B vitamins.

San Benedetto Fruit & Power - Mela, Melograno, Mango, Ananas - 0,40L

San Benedetto | Energy drinks

San Benedetto Fruit & Power

The first fruit drink with all the energy of taurine and caffeine.

San benedetto, Energy, occasione consumo

ENERGY always with you!

Our energy drinks are designed for those who need an energy boost at any time of the day and are looking for something new and fresh, perhaps as an alternative to coffee. With a practical format, they can be consumed at work, during study, in an intense gaming session or before a night out.

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